Music Monday: Woman Power

For those of us who do this for our life’s work, it is motivating for me to digest and pass this on. Thank you, MYFUNSHINE.

My Funshine

Women are badass. We just are.

I absolutely love when women express themselves – in writing, art, speech… and music. Below, find some of my favorite woman power songs. You rock, girls.

(This list is longer than usual because, you know. There are so many incredible power songs out there!)

  1. Sara Bareilles – Fairytale

    You guys canNOT be surprised that I started this list with a song by Sara. To be honest, I was tempted to embed a playlist of every single song by this rock star, but I did narrow it down to one song.

    We all know that, in many fairy tales, the damsel in distress waits for her knight in shining armor to come save her. Well, what if the damsel in distress doesn’t need a man at all? What if she is really just over the knight in shining armor?

    Sara envisions this world, and shares…

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